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In Studio


Smiles wedding  Studios was conveniently located near McDonalds Nilai. We provide all type digital portrait photography services at affordable prices. Please fix an appointment before visiting our studio. When you arrive at our studio, an Associate will inquire about your unique needs and expectations.

Once in the camera room your photographer will take multiple pictures to create a portfolio of poses featuring a variety of expressions, backgrounds and lighting effects. Attention to details is the hallmark of our personalized, professional service!

Immediately after the session, you will be able to review your poses and choose your favorites for order consideration. It’s here that your Associate will work with you to create one-of-a-kind portraits.  See how your portraits look with any combination of digital enhancements. 

Choose portraits in natural color for a more traditional look, or black & white or sepia for a more classic, timeless appeal. Add a colored vignette to soften a portrait or add a border to help frame one of your favorites.  Color Highlights are another dramatic way to enhance any portrait. You can personalize your portraits to mark a milestone such as a birthday or to remember a special event.  Try as many combinations as you’d like to get exactly what you want.

Many customers choose to place their order at this time; payment is due at the time the order is submitted. Your Associate will tell you when your portraits will be available for pick up, however most orders are ready approximately three weeks later.